3 Reasons for Electronic Access Control Systems in Your Office

The purpose of having electronic access control is to allow authorized access to the appropriate people and prevent others from accessing your building. This protects sensitive areas of your facility from a myriad of threats. Put simply; electronic access control improves how you protect your organization, people, and assets.

When running an office, you have a building full of people, sensitive documents, and servers with vital data. As a result, your office is susceptible to data breaches and security threats due to the nature of your business. Whether it’s someone that has it out for your organization, an employee with ill intentions or any other threat, you need to keep your people and your company safe.

That’s where electronic access control systems come in. These advanced security systems play a significant role in keeping your modern business safe. You can find these access control systems at BannerSolutions.com. This company specializes in top-quality electronic access control systems and will help your company find the best solutions for your security needs. Today, we’ll cover three reasons why you should have electronic access control in your office.

Electronic access ensures that your employees and data are protected.


In modern times, anything can happen. As business technology continues to advance, more businesses are concerned with cybersecurity. However, that doesn’t mean companies should ignore the growing threats to our physical employees.

Electronic door access control is a significant help with protecting our employees. With an access control system, you can ensure that only the people you want to have access to your office have access. As a result, your employees will feel safer knowing they’re secure from potential threats. Not only will this give them peace of mind, but it will also improve productivity as happy and comfortable employees work better.

Not to mention the physical threat of a data breach. Electronic access control isn’t only geared toward your building’s points of entry. These controls can be installed on the doors to your server rooms, preventing unauthorized personnel from having access and drastically reducing the risk of a data breach.

Reduce internal and external theft with an electronic access system.


As we’ve mentioned, electronic access control systems will prevent unauthorized people from entering your business. Therefore, your risk of external theft is significantly reduced. However, these systems can also reduce the risk of internal employee theft.

Working independently without a supervisor present is one of the most influential factors contributing to employee theft and fraud. Your electronic access control system doesn’t just keep unauthorized personnel out. These systems also monitor who enters what rooms and when. If your company is dealing with employee theft or data breaches, you can change access levels to specific areas during the investigation to prevent further issues.

During the investigation, you can set up alerts to determine if someone is attempting to access an area where their permission has been withdrawn. Finally, while monitoring who goes into specific rooms and when you can more easily identify who’s responsible for the breach or theft. For example, if a sensitive document was stolen from a data room, and only one employee entered that room that day, you’ve found your thief as the access control system logged which employee was there.

Maintaining a traditional lock and key is costly and time-consuming.


Maintaining who has access to specific doors with a traditional lock and key is not only expensive, but it can also be tedious and time-consuming. You’ll need to have individual keys cut for specific employees, log who has those keys, and ensure the key is returned upon employee termination.

Not to mention, if an employee keeps their key after leaving, you’ll need to replace every lock that key opened and make additional keys to replace your existing employees’ keys. As you can see, this cumbersome task can almost be insurmountable at times. Electronic access control will alleviate this problem, saving your company hundreds of dollars and countless hours.

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