3 Ways to Generate New Leads: What Can Phone Validation Do for Your Business?

No matter what industry you find yourself in, the chances are good that you may be in need of new customers. Whether it’s finding the right buyer for a new product or attracting new clients for your marketing firm, lead generation can be a tricky aspect of running your business. That said, most companies need more customers year over year if they are to truly thrive. If you’re in a rut when it comes to finding good leads, here are three new strategies to try.

Investigate your current leads

Most companies already have some form of lead generation questionnaire on their website. One of the most common types of web-based forms for collecting leads on your website is the email newsletter sign-up form. This is a tried-and-true method to get web visitors to opt in to your communications; however, sometimes the form leaves a bit to be desired. For example, if your website only collects email addresses and doesn’t require other information, it can be tough to get a grasp on the full picture of each user on your list. This is where using a telephone number lookup service can come in handy. By using accessing and searching an online database based on just one piece of a user’s input information such as an email address or phone number, you can gather other personal information about a customer. This can give you information like a mailing address to also send communications to, increasing the number of touch points you’re able to utilize when marketing to a single person. Best of all, since they’ve already opted in, you know that they’re interested in hearing from you!

Table at a convention or event

Setting up a booth at a popular or relevant convention is a tried-and-true method for attracting new customers that many businesses forget to do in the digital age. That being said, there are many advantages to making contact with potential customers in person at an event like this. For starters, tabling at a convention gives customers the chance to put a face and a name behind a business. It allows them to take a deeper, more personal look at a company and its offerings, too, and offers a chance for face-to-face conversation about how a product could meet their needs. Having a signup form at your table, whether it’s a pen and paper or an iPad, can also be a great way to capture leads in real-time. Don’t forget to consider creating some memorable swag like custom pens to give away at your event, too! Picking something like a pen that has more utility than a business card and is likely to be carried with a customer and used often is a great way to continue creating a tangible connection with potential leads.

Run a lead gen campaign on social media

Particularly if you’re interested in capturing a broad range of leads from across the country, running a digital lead generation campaign on social media can be a major boon for your business. Social media campaigns are simple, personal, and able to integrate across a variety of devices, making them an ideal option for a company interested in ensuring that access doesn’t get in the way of capturing a potential lead. Once you’ve captured a lead, you can continue to remarket to those users who have opted in, or reach out over the phone or email to start a more personal interaction. Best of all, social media has a very high ROI, so small businesses that still want to maximize their marketing budgets can make good use of social media’s lead generating tools.

There are plenty of angles to take when looking for new leads for your business. The next time you feel like you’re at a dead end, consider trying one of the above ideas. You may be impressed with the results!

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