5 Luxurious Self-Care Tips

It’s always a good idea to engage in a little self-care, but there’s no better time after the stress of the last year than now. 2020 saw a record number of Americans struggling with stress and anxiety, and the ongoing global pandemic has made the start of 2021 just as rocky. Still, there are plenty of reasons for optimism, even if it doesn’t always feel that way. Sometimes all you need to break out of a bad mood is to relax and allow yourself to do something you enjoy, even if it means splurging a little bit. If you’re considering investing in yourself and your comfort, read on for five luxurious self-care tips that spare no expense.

1. Remodel your home.


Though restrictions currently in place due to COVID-19 are likely to ease up in 2021, this year demonstrated how important it is to have a comfortable and safe home environment. Some people might find themselves continuing to work from home, making a home office a worthwhile investment. Being home more often might have also revealed issues in your home that you want to address. Bathrooms and kitchens especially received much more wear this year. Even if you don’t have a pressing need, there’s nothing wrong with spending money on creating the home of your dreams. If you’ve always wanted that old Hickory tub to shower conversion, go for it.

2. Revamp your wellness routine.


When you’re trying to improve your self-care, it can be difficult to be consistent with treating yourself. Creating a schedule that you can stick to every day will make it easier to maintain healthy practices. Start by evaluating everything you eat and put into your body; the quality of food you eat can affect the way you feel, and there are plenty of supplements and nutrients that fit into a well-balanced health-focused routine. Look into products and supplements like CBD that can help improve your general wellness.

In partnership with Sera Labs, Nicole Kidman CBD has one of the highest concentrations of pure CBD in their products on the market, so if you want to get your money’s worth, do your research and learn about what you’re buying first. CBD products can be incredibly diverse and range from smokable flowers to topical CBD treatments like oils and lotions to edible products like gummy bears and chocolates. Whatever products or practices (like yoga or meditation) boost your mood, make sure they have an integral role in your day-to-day life.

3. Have a stay-at-home spa day.


Just because you can’t physically go to the spa doesn’t mean you can’t have a spa day. There are so many face masks and massage oils, and beauty products that you can enjoy right from your own home, it’s easy to plan a “staycation” either just for yourself or for the whole family. You can even call some friends on Zoom and pretend you’re at the spa together. While it isn’t quite the same, it’s safe and easy fun for you and the people you care about.

4. Take care of your mental health.


One of the best gifts you can give yourself is to take care of your mental health by investing in therapy and engaging in practices that calm them down, like meditation or exercise. While little things can often have a big impact on how you feel, there’s no shame in reaching out for professional help if you’re having an ongoing problem with your mental health or find that you’re struggling to get through the day. Taking care of your mental health makes you more productive at work, more comfortable in your social life, and better able to support your friends and family, so it should always be high on your priority list.

5. Seriously, treat yourself.


Sometimes you want to splurge on something that seems objectively silly, like an expensive purse or even a brand new car. While you shouldn’t live beyond your means, if you’re able to fit something like that into your budget, sometimes it’s okay to go ahead and let yourself live a little bit. Ultimately, your money and your time are supposed to be spent on things that make you happy, and as long as you’re not hurting anyone, it’s okay not to judge yourself for wanting to buy an extra pair of shoes next time you’re at the mall.

It’s easy to let yourself feel guilty for spending on things can seem frivolous, but so many aspects of our life require taking care of our mental health. If you’re worn down or struggling emotionally, prioritizing yourself, even if it’s just for a few hours a day, is essential for staying sane during stressful times. Give yourself a break, don’t be self-critical if you’re having a hard time right now. Sometimes everyone needs a little reward or a treat to help get through the week. You might be surprised just how significantly the effort you put into yourself changes your life.

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