5 Things You Should Help Your Grandmother With This Month

You love your grandmother, but how often do you show her how much you care about her? Actions speak louder than words, and if you’ve not had a lot of face-to-face time with your grandma lately, it might be time to pay her a visit. At the same time, as a younger person, you’re uniquely qualified to help your grandmother with certain tasks she may otherwise have difficulty completing on her own. Here are just five of the things you should help your grandma with this month.

Make sure she’s covered

As your grandmother ages, it’s important that she has reliable health care. Thankfully, Medicare exists to help senior citizens get the insurance coverage they need. But, your grandma may be confused by all of the options or even the process of signing up. It’s easy to get Medicare insurance quotes online, but this might be something your grandmother isn’t entirely comfortable doing on the internet without some help.

With a website like Easy Medicare, you can help your grandma navigate the health insurance process by exploring Medicare options in your zip code and requesting a quote. With a wide range of health insurance options through Medicare, you can help your grandma find the right features and price. Whether that means helping her weigh the pros and cons of a federal Medicare program or a Medicare Advantage plan, she’s bound to appreciate your insight in choosing an insurance plan that’s right for her.

Go shopping with granny

While it’s important to help your grandma with the tasks she needs to complete, going shopping with your grandmother is another fun way to help out and bond at the same time! Sometimes, older men and women can feel a bit self-conscious when shopping, but if you go along with your grandma, you can help pump her up when she’s in the fitting room. Whether she’s trying on some petite sweaters or a red cardigan for Christmas, she’s bound to appreciate having someone come along to help her shop.

You may also want to show her how online shopping can help her access an even broader array of clothing options, all with free shipping. Even if she’s wary about trying something on after she’s purchased it, your help navigating different online sales could help her enjoy shopping online. In the event of a return, you can help her handle printing out a return label and getting the item in the mail, too, which further simplifies the online shopping process. Shopping for new clothes is a simple way to show your grandma love while helping her treat herself with a little “retail therapy.”

Help her around the house

With your grandma getting older, one of the things she may appreciate is the opportunity to finish some chores around the house. Since you’re younger and sprier than her, you may be the perfect person to help with some of these tasks. Whether it’s vacuuming her home, mowing her lawn, or putting new dirt and mulch in her yard as part of a landscaping project, your willingness to pitch in and help out can save her time and money. Plus, if you’re lucky, she might make you some delicious lemonade to enjoy after a day of hard work!

Create a memory book

Although nobody wants to think about their grandmother passing away, death is a reality that all families must face. One way to ensure that your grandma’s stories live on after she’s gone is to create a memory book that chronicles her life. You can be a part of creating this book by writing down different stories and memories she shares with you and organizing photos from her childhood. This activity won’t just make a lasting memorial to your grandma’s life; it’ll also allow you to learn more about each other through sharing stories and talking about the past. After you’ve completed your project, you’ll feel closer than ever.

Plan a family dinner

While most of these ideas are things for just you and your grandma, it wouldn’t be fair to keep time with your grandmother all to yourself! After all, most matriarchs mean something to everyone in the family, so helping your grandma plan a family dinner for everyone to gather for food and good conversation will be something that each member of your family will appreciate. From helping your grandma shop for groceries to preparing some of her special recipes, you can play a significant role in making your grandma’s family dinner a success.

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