5 Tips for Preparing for a First Date

First dates can be scary. You might be feeling a lot of pressure to make an instant connection. You’re over-analyzing your appearance, personality, and dating history. You’re hoping the other person likes you and probably a little bit of you is hoping this might be the one. With the stakes this high, it can seem impossible to feel prepared and confident. Don’t go into your date without psyching yourself up. With these five tips, you’ll feel ready to make a love connection. Here’s how to properly prepare for a first date.

Practice the perfect look

Having an incredible look can bring your confidence to an all-time high. After all, you want to make an amazing first impression, and when you show up looking like a ten, your date will be eager to get to know you. For women, crafting the perfect look takes time. Start by assembling a great date outfit. This might vary slightly depending on where you go (you probably wouldn’t wear the same outfit to a rock concert and a coffee date), but the basics can stay the same. A great pair of jeans that flatter your body, fun accessories to show off your personality, and a top that makes you feel sexy without being too revealing. Once you have a few great staples, you can customize from there.

Next, perfect your makeup game. This could also vary depending on where you’re headed, but the foundation will work no matter the situation. Focus specifically on your eyelashes. Eye contact helps you connect with the other person, so make sure your eye makeup highlights your gorgeous eyes. With eyelash magnets, you never have to worry about messy mascara or glue from false eyelashes. Magnetic eyelashes are easy to apply and give you an incredibly polished look with minimal effort or mess. Your date will be astounded by your gorgeous eyes and won’t want to stop looking into them. Create a look that highlights your best features and helps you make a connection.

Calm your nerves

While you might feel extremely nervous about your first get-together, you don’t want to show it. Before you head to your date, try to calm yourself down. You can keep yourself relaxed by being in charge of the date. Pick something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Maybe you’ve always wanted to skydive, but if you know you’ll be nervous, now isn’t the time to try it. Stick with a familiar setting, like your favorite coffee shop, and order your usual. The routine will help you stay relaxed and confident.

Grab what you’ll need

You may want to prepare a few things for your date. Maybe you’ve invited an acquaintance over for alcoholic beverages. Head to the liquor store and ask an employee to help you find the right ingredients for a killer mixed drink. Maybe you want to pick up a bottle of red wine or white wine to enjoy pre-date so you can calm your nerves. You might end up at the grocery store grabbing items for a picnic basket. Whatever you need for the date, get it a day or two ahead of time. You don’t want to be scrambling to find the perfect items a few hours before you’re set to meet.

Do a little internet research

While you don’t want to show up knowing your date’s birthday and parents’ names (a little too stalker-y), you want to do a little research. Googling your date or finding his or her social media profiles will help you get an idea of what to expect. You can learn a little more about what you have in common, and if there are any red flags (like disagreeing core beliefs or terrible online behavior), you can cancel without subjecting yourself to meeting this person.

Have a way out

Having a way out will calm your nerves and help you feel in charge. Beforehand, feel free to let your date know that you only have a certain amount of time. If you’re having a blast, you can “cancel” your plans and stay longer, but if it’s not going well, knowing you have an already-established out will help you relax.

Before your next first date, do a little prep work. You’ll walk in feeling confident, sexy, and ready to make a connection.

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