6 Unique Gift Ideas for Your Eccentric Friends

Everyone wants to find the perfect gifts for the people they care about, but we all have some friends who can be harder to shop for than others. If you have a free-spirited friend who you need to shop for, it can be tricky to know exactly what to get to excite them. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to find endless inspiration online, and you can make sure you’ll show up with a unique present that’s sure to delight if you’re willing to put in a little extra time and effort. If you’re stumped and unsure where to start, read on for six great gift ideas for your eccentric friends.

1. Help fund their next adventure.


Travel and fun are often priorities for free spirits, but both can be pretty expensive. One fun way to surprise a friend is to get them a gift card for a hotel, an airline, or another business that could help them plan their next trip. It’s a thoughtful way to give a friend a present that will create memories that last a lifetime.

2. Give them something to play with.


People with large personalities and a lot of energy often find themselves frustrated by having too much idle time. Puzzles, crafts, and other games can be a great way for them to stay engaged when they have downtime. Simple things like Lego sets or magnetic blocks can help to relax and decompress while keeping your mind stimulated. Books of word games and language-learning software are also intellectual pursuits that can be enjoyable for those who need a lot to keep busy.

3. Help animal lovers with pet supplies.


Food and supplies for pets are always needed and easy for absentminded folks to forget to stock up on. While cats and dogs are easy to shop for, make sure to educate yourself if you’re shopping for food and necessities for pets like reptiles. Superworms can be a great feeder insect for your pal’s reptilian friend. Not only are they loaded with protein, calcium, and fat, super worms are also simple to breed and quite easy to raise. Beds, cages, and treat packages can also be good gifts. If you’re looking for advice on food, toys, or other essentials for pets, it’s a good idea to go to the pet store or talk to a veterinarian before you go shopping.

4. Encourage them with a new project.


A craft kit to teach them how to sew or make bracelets isn’t just a great way to help them occupy time, it can also lead them to discover new activities they might want to keep pursuing in the future. You can buy a kit, or some supplies, and show them how to learn a new skill that you can teach them or something entirely new for them to learn on their own. If they’ve ever talked about something they always wanted to learn to do, you can help out.

5. Surprise them with something personal.


A lot of the time, friends who are more eccentric tend to have some esoteric hobbies or interests that you may not share. One way to surprise your pal is by learning about one of their interests that you aren’t familiar with and using it as inspiration to find a present. Gifts that show that you pay attention to what someone else likes make the receiver feel like their friendship is valued and that you’re interested in them on more than a surface level.

6. Plan something you can do together.


Experiences are often the most valuable gifts you can give and find a special way to create memories with someone important to you can be a perfect way to celebrate a birthday. Whether it’s taking in a show at the theatre, or just spending a day together at the park, treating someone to a fun activity and showing that you want to spend time with them is an incredible way to show that you care.

Shopping for the people who are closest to you is always tough if you’re the kind of person who always wants to find the perfect present. When you have someone in your life who has more esoteric interests or a big personality, it can be even harder to find something that really excites them and holds their interest. For people with boundless energy and intellectual curiosity, presents that provide new experiences or engaging projects to dive into are often the best bet. Start your shopping in advance and don’t be afraid to look outside the box for inspiration and you’ll likely wind up with an amazing surprise for your friend.

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