A Guide to Family Therapy at Charlie Health

While most people are familiar with how individual therapy works, fewer people understand how a specific type of group therapy, called family therapy, works to help families and individuals to manage relationships and untangle hurtful feelings. If you and your family members are curious about what family therapy is, how it works, and how it might help you, read on to find out about how family therapy works at Charlie Health and other fantastic practices.

Family Systems


Family therapy, like the type offered at Charlie Health, is a therapeutic modality based around group systems theory and the idea that what impacts one member of a group impacts everyone. Otherwise put, when one person in a family is suffering and identified as the person with the problem, known as the identified patient, everyone is impacted.

For example, if one sibling is struggling with an eating disorder, it’s likely the parents in that family will turn their attention to the identified patient or IP. Other siblings will be impacted in that they have less attention, might be worried about their sibling, or could even experience jealousy or develop an eating disorder of their own. For families worried about how one person’s struggles are impacting the entire family unit, a visit to CharlieHealth.com is a great first step in getting help for everyone.

Systemic Modalities


While there are many types of therapy out there that can benefit families of all shapes and sizes, the reality is that the best and most effective therapy for families is the group therapy families can have together. Not only does family therapy in a group setting offers a safe place for family members to learn to communicate effectively, but it also provides a way for everyone in the family to learn more about each other and how they can work as a team.

The goal of family counseling is to address the entire family system and not focus only on the IP. In doing so, not only does the IP feel more willing to participate, but other members of the family are seen and heard too, adding up to a stronger family in the long run.

Individual Counseling with Family Therapy and the IP


Most people realize there are many benefits of therapy in all its forms. However, what they don’t know is that family counseling can be offered in conjunction with individual therapy. Families can work with the therapist to agree on set dates where they see the therapist privately and other times where they come together to work through conflicts and issues. This can be particularly helpful in broken families or families where relationships are strained. Individual therapy even gives family members a chance to run their concerns about group sessions by the group therapist, making for more productive group meetings.

When combining individual counseling with group therapy, families are more likely to learn the communication and other skills they need to put themselves in each other’s shoes, be more compassionate, and work as a team. A therapist who works with families will be able to help mend broken relationships and mediate conflicts normal in all families.

At the end of the day, whether you have young adults in your family struggling with body image or suicidal ideation or you’re just feeling hopeless, getting yourself and your family into therapy at a place like Charlie Health could be a great first step toward feeling better and a more positive outlook. Best of luck to you and the people you love as you get the essential care you need for your mental wellness. You and your family matter and are worth it.

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