Building A New Home In Miami? What You Need For Your New Build

Building a home in Miami is no mean feat considering the enormous resources required to pull it off. For the select few who can afford to build from the ground up, the journey starts with selecting a sizable portion of land. Watching your home take form right before your eyes comes with a lot of thrill and excitement. On that note, if you’re considering building a new home in Miami, here are a few essential things you’ll need for your new build.

An Estate Agent


Contrary to popular belief, when starting a new building project, you do need a real estate agent. Estate agents offer quality representation during transactions. Besides, these professionals know what to look out for in a standard real estate contract. Additionally, estate agents strive to keep with global industry trends.

Take, for example, precast concrete panels. A significant number of domestic and commercial buildings are built with durable architectural precast panels. In fact, it’s almost impossible to find a building type that doesn’t feature a precast concrete product in its construction. Concrete panels are commonly used for exterior walls, regardless of building type. An estate agent can hook you up with the best building contractors and material suppliers in the market. With an estate agent, you’re always sure someone is looking out for your best interests.

A Moving Company

There are several valid reasons for moving your home. For one, when furnishing your new home, you can repurpose your old belongings that are in good condition to serve another purpose. Unfortunately, the stress and hassle of moving make the prospect of moving to a new location a daunting experience.

That said, outsourcing your moving needs to a moving company seems like the way to go. Are you looking for a mover to handle your moving needs? If so, Solomon and Sons Miami moving company is reputed to be one of the most trusted moving brands in Fort Lauderdale, South Florida.

This American moving company is BBB accredited, insured, and fully licensed. They’re dedicated to ensuring a stress-free move for their clients. In addition to covering any local move within South Florida, Solomon and Sons Relocation service also cover the long-distance move and commercial move. More so, they provide full-service add-on options like furniture assembling, packing, and unpacking. Their customer service representatives also ensure that you get a five-star rated customer experience.

Experienced Builders


These professional builders will be in charge of erecting the building. Builders set the tone for the building project. So you know, not all builders are created equal. While some may have the prerequisite training and experience to handle a home project, many others may not.

Finding the right builder for a new house isn’t rocket science. However, it may take a considerable amount of time and thoughtfulness to complete the selection process. Take the initiative and search through professional directories. Better still, ask for a word-of-mouth recommendation from a friend or colleague who had recently completed a home building project.


It goes without saying that architects help homeowners put their dreams into perspective. When looking to build your new house get an architect to help you with the design. Contrary to popular belief, these professionals do more than designing the exterior of the building; they also provide the complete blueprint of the home’s design. Besides, no builder, regardless of their skill sets, can undertake a building project without a guide.



Florida is well known for its extreme weather conditions and geological changes. That’s why the state of Florida mandates homeowners to have their architectural blueprints examined, modified, and stamped by a local engineer. Despite the associated costs, an engineer helps to ensure your new home can stand firm in the face of any eventualities.

Remember, you aren’t constructing just any type of building; you’re building a home for you and your family. So, ensure you send all your home construction plans to a certified engineer for proper scrutiny and approval.

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