Easy Ways To Prepare for an At-Home Valentine’s Day

An upside to a year-long global pandemic is that we’re all pretty good at staying home these days. Whether it has been birthday parties, anniversaries, or the bigger holidays, most of us have learned how to celebrate special occasions and events from the comforts of home. This Valentine’s Day, as we near the backend of the pandemic, our special occasions plans likely won’t be much different. If you’re planning to stay home for Valentine’s Day this year, there are some creative ways you can still make it special.

Sticking With Classics


In a year where nothing’s felt normal, this year is the perfect year to stick to the classics. Even if you haven’t regularly bought flowers for Valentine’s in the past, this is a good year to set some money aside for that perfect bouquet or box of chocolates. Even a single Valentine’s flower could be enough to show your true love. A Valentine’s Day flower delivery might be enough to brighten the day of your loved one. Where you might normally send flowers to your sweetheart’s job, this is a year you can either save on the delivery costs or simply have them delivered to home.

Making a Special Meal


There’s no reason you can’t turn your kitchen into your favorite restaurant. Even if you order out, the Valentine’s Day meal can be quite special with a little planning. From mimicking your favorite eatery down to decorations to putting your own special twist on a night out, there are ways to make your meal seem extra romantic.

Maybe your favorite restaurant is the Chinese food place that just happens to have the best take out in town. Why not plan to pick that up but eat your meal using wooden chopsticks and authentic Chinese tea? If your favorite’s orange curry from the Indian restaurant up the street, you could try your hand at your own homemade naan recipe.

While planning your meal and trying to figure out the smaller details like how to dispose of used cooking oil, consider both ambiance and how you can plan for your special evening as a couple. If you have kids and they’ll be home too, consider using it as a teachable moment. Whether it’s assigning each member of the family a certain part of the meal or plan or working together to make something special, your creativity and imagination will make this year’s Valentine’s Day plans just a little more fun.

Waiting for dinner to be ready? Maybe it’s time to pull out some construction paper and have the best homemade Valentine’s Day cards competition.



After your perfect meal, turn the lights down low and celebrate your love with your partner. Nothing says you can’t dance at home in the privacy of your bedroom or living room. By taking the time for intimate moments, you’re reminding each other that you’re there for each other regardless of the circumstances. The same way a rose symbolizes love simply because true love can overcome thrones is why you’ll make it through another unconventionally holiday together.

For those who aren’t sure and are tired of staying in for holidays, the best way to get past the blues caused by restrictions and mandates for social distancing is to change things up at home. If it means literally moving the living room furniture around and buying a new surround sound system to make that moment feel special, do it. The reality is that these are hard times for everyone and finding any excuse to celebrate your love is more important than ever.

Star Gazing


If you’re like many, you spent quite a bit of time working on your backyard and reconnecting with the outdoors last summer. If this is the case, throw those fairy lights on, light some candles, and head outside. Chilly or not, a little star gazing with matching hot chocolate mugs won’t hurt in setting the mood for love.

In the end, Valentine’s Day date or celebration doesn’t have to be bland just because you’re stuck at home. Instead, with some creativity and the right attitude, you may even be able to make it the most memorable of all.

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