From Insurance to Your Website: Running a Contractor Business

Contractors aren’t typical employees. They enter a work contract and are paid to perform specific services. Contractors may complete a job for a set price, receive a designated sum per task, or bill by the hour. Traditionally, contractors are associated with construction and trades because building contractors may acquire an electrician, plumber, or other professional to complete specific tasks for a project with no guarantee their working relationship will continue after the work is completed.

Some businesses are designed to complete contracted work for clients and use contract workers to perform the tasks. Contract companies’ needs and responsibilities can vary from contract to contract, which is why contractor businesses benefit from the tools and services outlined here.

Business Attorneys


Whether you plan to run a construction company or a headhunting firm that places contractors in contract roles, you can benefit from hiring a business attorney. Business attorneys offer legal guidance to help you make critical decisions, such as whether to operate your business as a sole proprietorship or register as a limited liability company (LLC) or partnership. While a small business with no staff may not need legal advice, contractor businesses are complex and involve negotiating multiple contracts. Your business attorney can prepare and review contract language to ensure your company doesn’t enter bad contracts.

Human Resources (HR) Experts


HR experts prepare employee handbooks and policies. They review applicants and determine who will be hired to fulfill specific roles. Since contractor businesses do not use traditional employees, working with an HR firm is essential. Your HR team can locate and screen potential contractors for new work contracts you’re handling.

Insurance Companies

Start your search for insurance with a life insurance comparison tool. The tool prompts you to enter relevant data, such as your age and location. Once you’ve entered all the requested data, the tool lists each life insurance policy that could meet your needs. You can use the data to compare the cost of coverage for each policy and policy terms. You may have the option of choosing between permanent life insurance and term life insurance, and it’s important to understand how different types of policies work to ensure you choose the right coverage for your needs. Once you acquire life insurance, you’ll choose a beneficiary who will receive the death benefits if you die. Life insurance is an effective way of protecting your spouse and dependents from financial hardship in the event of your death.

Every business needs multiple types of insurance. Once you’ve chosen a life insurance policy, your insurance company can help you secure liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, property insurance, and automobile insurance. You can save money by working with one insurance company because your life insurance quote may change if you bundle multiple insurance policies together.

Web Developer

Professional web developers understand how to produce an effective web design suitable for your business needs. For example, a construction company benefits from working with construction website design experts because they’re familiar with the industry and the type of information your site should feature. Your website should identify the area you serve, provide contact information, and include testimonials. Web developers will customize your website design to ensure it’s easy to access information on computers and mobile devices.

Expert web developers also use search engine optimization (SEO) marketing to attract website visitors and raise your site’s credibility. Search engines list sites with high domain authority (DA) scores first among the search results, ensuring that potential customers will learn about your company when they enter relevant keywords into a search engine.

Financial Experts

Secure accounting services from experts who can help you prepare a budget, track expenses, prepare taxes, and perform other crucial financial tasks. Your accounting team can also recommend ways to reduce your operating costs and recommend investments to generate revenue. Working with qualified financial professionals ensures you’ll comply with tax laws and monitor your revenue and expenses closely to ensure your company’s financial health.

Contractor businesses benefit from working with business attorneys, HR professionals, insurance companies, website builders, and financial professionals. These experts will ensure you comply with applicable business laws, protect your company’s financial health, and raise your company’s profile to attract potential clients.

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