Gift Ideas for Film Students

Finding the perfect gift for the holidays is a daunting task. You want to choose presents that are meaningful to the other person and express how much you care for them at the same time. This task becomes slightly less formidable if the person you care about is a film student. From a new camera or rolls of film to choreographed photoshoots or a new lens, you can choose from a wealth of gift ideas to make the holidays special for your loved one. Regardless of which route you choose, you’ll give your beloved film student a gift they’ll remember forever.

Capturing the Magic

For a film student, using a high-quality camera is a dream come true. This dream is often unreachable due to the expense, but you can swoop in to save the day by paying for a camera rental in lieu of purchasing the item outright. The Blackmagic Pocket 6K camera, which usually retails for over $2,400, is rentable for a fraction of the cost. The camera comes with everything needed for operation, including the battery and charger, a cold shoe mount, and a carrying case. Choose the length of time you want for the rental then provide the camera to your loved one and set them loose on the creative world. They’ll capture images and videos beyond their expectation and you’ll give them the gift of an unforgettable experience.

Making it Unique

If you want to boost your intelligence with a new hobby, consider taking a film class. This works well if someone in your life is already a film student and you want to find a new way to connect with them. Sign up for an exciting class involving film or photography and cover the fees for your loved one as well. This is a unique gift because it allows you to spend more time together, it teaches you a new skill, and it provides your friend, partner, or family member with a chance to learn even more about their chosen field. Browse listings for nearby studios and colleges to see what’s available and make your selection. Plus, if you need equipment for the class, you’ll know how to rent the cameras needed to complete your assignments.

Setting the Scene

When you’re looking for ideas for memorable Christmas gifts, consider unconventional options. If you don’t want to rent a camera or attend a film class, pivot your way of thinking and put on your creative cap. Talk to friends and family members about the prospect of setting up a location where your cherished film student can exercise some of their skills. Rent a studio, clear space in someone’s finished basement, or simply find an enticing spot outside where everyone can roam free for awhile. Bring props, costumes, and anything you have on hand that may enhance the experience. Then, gather everyone together and have your love one take pictures and videos of everyone in different outfits acting out poems or dialogue from a favorite movie.

Create your own mini-film set. This is a great way to bring everyone together to laugh and have fun while your film student friend works on their skills. Allow them to give everyone directions, set up specific scenes, or even prepare their own script. Be sure to tell them to bring any equipment they may need, or if you want to be secretive about it, rent the equipment in advance. Not only will you have the wonderful experience of filming together, but you’ll have physical souvenirs of the day for everyone involved. This gives you an easier time of choosing presents in the future, too, since you can frame any of the photos taken from that day.

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