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Home Renovations Ideas for Any House

Nearly a year into the pandemic, most of us are more comfortable than ever being at home. But what’s helped make some feel better about being stuck at home is that they’ve made renovations to make their home better for them. Whether working or learning from home, many homeowners have made the most of their properties to get through shutdowns and isolation. There’s a lot to learn from last year’s builds and renovations for those who haven’t tackled home improvements lately. If you’re considering making a change at home, read on.

Home Offices and Classrooms


For many, calling on a home remodeler was the way to go in 2020 when many people were ordered to stay home. But for those who didn’t make those calls, there’s a lot to learn about what worked and didn’t. Many people used kitchen tables as desks for home and school offices at the beginning of the pandemic. They soon found out that a dedicated, quiet space was needed for getting things done. Whether it was refinishing a basement or reimaging a guest room, Covid-19 and a year of pandemic taught most people that working and learning from home meant some changes.

Whether you’re still at the kitchen table or now, one home improvement renovation to consider now is creating a space meant just for learning or work. If parents and children are both working from home, it might even be a good idea to separate those spaces, depending on their learning needs. Whether this means built-in bookshelves, tearing down, or adding walls, you’ll likely see an increase in productivity after a remodel for your home office or learning space.

Home Improvements for Short Sales


Maybe you’re thinking about moving home to be closer to the family because your job’s now remote. Before you call a place like Phoenix movers, consider first if there’s a way to make your home more marketable before putting it on the market. Even in a seller’s market, there are always ways to get more for your home. For you, home improvement projects could add up to more money in your wallet or work as a down payment for a new home elsewhere.

To increase your home’s value, take a look around. Do you need a coat of paint? New baseboard or trim? What are the quick and easy fixes you could do to add to your home’s value? Are three bedroom houses in your area in demand? If you only have two, consider putting up a wall. If you’ve got the space for it, this simple renovation could make a huge difference in the sale. For many who relocated last year, little tweaks paid off.

Outdoor Living


There were many popular home makeovers during the pandemic that involved outdoor spaces. Part of this was because social distancing and gathering rules meant more time spent outside. But this trend isn’t going anywhere soon. From outdoor fire pits and patios to sustainable gardens and decks and porches, outdoor renovations are the perfect idea for anyone looking to create a backyard destination and gathering spot.

There’s a home improvement project for every home. Whether you plan to spend another year hunkered up until after the pandemic is done or have begun to return to school and work, your home should be a place you enjoy being. In taking the time to do your research, asking around to family and friends about projects they’ve done, and with some good planning, you can find the perfect project for you. It’s a new year, and your home deserves some improvements, too. Happy renovating to you!