How Is Information Technology Used To Improve Mobile Phones?

Landline, telephone, cell phone, mobile phone, and smartphone: They’re all generally the same thing. The difference is that the next one is more advanced each time. They all communicate our voices to another device, where a different person (or bot) responds with their own vocal abilities. They all have integrated circuits that tell them what to do and when to do them. Our current version of the device contains a large touch screen that allows us to enjoy cinematic films as well as video calls with friends and family members. Everyone has a different purpose for their smartphone, yet we’re all involved in their evolutionary process through information technology, or IT.

Here are some ways in which IT has improved our mobiles phones.

Mobile phones are reinvented with new technology.


Each year, Apple announces a new iPhone, and Samsung launches their latest Galaxy model. The competition between these two goes back years and will continue to exist until a bigger competitor arrives. Among other mobile phone brands, we have Motorola, TCL, Celero, and more, and they each have been developed according to society’s current technological needs. Somewhere in our timeline, we decided we needed larger screens to watch our favorite shows wherever we went, an internet connection to access our bank accounts, and facial recognition technology to secure our sensitive data. Mobile companies made sure to implement this and continuously monitor our needs to produce a gadget we can make good use of.

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Networks are expanding, and so is our mobile coverage.


As more people come into the world, more devices are connected to cellular networks around the globe. These networks are what keep us connected with each other and make it so easy to order your favorite Vietnamese dish in the middle of the night through a delivery app on your phone. Cellular networks are, formally, radio networks that are distributed over land areas called cells. Each of these cells is served by at least one cell site or fixed-location transceiver. So, as you may have already figured out, as more people move into uninhabited lands, the more cells are created to keep them connected to the rest of society, and the larger the network becomes.

There are many resources online to learn more about cellular networks and cells in particular. However, if you want to become an expert in this matter, you can complete the online MS information technology degree program from the University of Cincinnati. You’ll be equipped with hands-on technical skills, problem-solving skills, and communication skills. Likewise, you’ll learn about emerging technology that can be used to develop smartphone capabilities of the future. This master’s degree is perfect for anyone looking to advance their IT career or for anyone who’s interested in discovering a new career path in the technology industry.

As days continue to pass, our technology continues to evolve to fit our needs, even if that need is to play cooking games during our lunch breaks.

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