How to Plan the Perfect Elopement

Nothing says romance like a private wedding ceremony you and your partner plan just for the two of you. Just because your wedding will be a wedding for two doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put some time and think into the special details that will make this amazing milestone all the more memorable. If you and your sweetheart plan to elope, here are some things to consider making your secret day all the more special.

Consider the journey.


People elope for many reasons. For some, it’s a matter of practicality and the desire to avoid the cost of a big wedding. For others, eloping is the best way to make sure the wedding is about the couple and not family, friends, and guests. If you and your sweetheart are planning to elope for any reason, the best way to begin planning for it is to consider the journey to your final dream of sharing life and how you’ll celebrate that commitment.

Consider the journey both metaphorically and in a practical sense. For example, if you’re planning on hopping in the car to head to Los Vegas for an Elvis wedding, you’ll want to put some thought into those details. How will you be traveling? Will you fly or travel in an RV? If you’ll be road tripping, will you need an RV extended warranty, and do you have roadside assistance? Regardless of if your plans involve pulling a camper or flying across the country to a secret spot to say your vows, putting some planning into travel logistics ahead is a good idea. The last thing you’ll want is trouble on the road like a mechanical failure that could taint your wedding memories for years.

Before traveling across the United States, for example, make an appointment with your mechanic. Consider the value of your rig and even think about buying or renting a new RV if that’s your preferred method of travel. Ask about mechanical components, extra coverage, travel insurance, and make proper arrangements for pets or your home or apartment, too. Doing these things ahead of time will mean peace of mind during your big knot-tying adventure.

You’ll want personal property coverage on your rings, too. Contact your renter’s insurance policy and ask about your level of coverage. For some people, renters insurance might cover the value of your ring, where others will want extended coverage. Your insurance policy may require a jewelry appraisal ahead of time but, until the rings are on your fingers, it’s important to have that extra coverage on any piece of jewelry you’ll be using in your ceremony for two. If you aren’t sure about your coverages, calling your insurance agent or calling a traveler’s insurance salesperson and asking to speak to customer service will put you in the right place to explore coverage options during your journey.

Plan a final destination.


For your elopement to go as smoothly as possible, you’ll want to plan your trip and how you’ll capture it ahead of time. Friends and family may have mixed reactions when you return from your trip, and the ability to share your special moment with them in other ways will matter. Take the time to consider ways to plan where you’ll say your vows, whether you’ll video it or if you’ll be depending on pictures.

A quick Google search for scenic or unique places to say “I do” in the general area of the state or country you’re heading to is a great way to begin the planning process of your secret ceremony. After you and your sweetheart have found the perfect spot to make your commitment, think about the logistics of where you’ll stay and how long you’ll be gone. While eloping can be a spontaneous adventure, you’re more likely to have peace of mind if you go into it with even a loose plan. Save the spontaneity for the honeymoon if you can.

Be prepared and covered.


Part of having a solid plan means making sure you’re covered. Make sure to call your insurance agent and check on insurance policies and RV warranty coverage if you’ll be traveling by road. You’ll also want to look into travelers insurance and specifically ring insurance.

The more covered you are going into your trip, the better you’ll be able to focus on each other and tune the rest of the world out. If you don’t plan to put those wedding bands on until after that special moment where you say your vows, having the right insurance will be extremely important.

A marriage is between two people. If you and your partner are planning to elope, putting some thought into what’s unique about your relationship, and adding those details into your unique secret, you’ll be sure to thank yourselves for it years into the future. Instead of making quick plans on the side of the road, take the time now to formulate a plan for your intimate wedding. Whether you wind up in a courthouse or with massive destination wedding plans, planning out those details now will be something you won’t regret. Later, you’ll be able to share them with family and friends.

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