How To Rethink an Uncomfortable Room

We all know about that one uncomfortable or awkward room in our homes. Whether it’s that we don’t know how to use the space or that the temperature is off, uncomfortable rooms generally end up as storage spaces or all but forgotten. But with more of us at home than ever due to the pandemic, it’s a great time to rethink those uncomfortable spaces. In seeing to your indoor climate controls, redecorating, and considering goals, you can make that uncomfortable space both practical and useful. If you’re looking for ideas on how to repurpose an uncomfortable room, read on.

Think about room climate.


The first step in bringing comfort to a new room starts with proper air conditioning and heating. Before you even attempt to move furniture around or repurpose any space, consider your indoor climate controls. It’s easy to forget about general maintenance and repairs to home heating and cooling needs, but they make a huge difference when it comes to overall comfort in a home. If your house is too hot or too cold, make sure to call your heating or cooling technician for an appointment.

Once you have your room’s climate and overall air quality figured out, it’s time to empty it out. Remove anything you have in the space to get a better idea of what you’re working with. If this requires renting a storage unit or moving things out, that’s okay, too. You’ll need to be able to start from scratch to make your new surroundings work for you.

From the ceiling to the baseboard, take a close look at your uncomfortable room. Does it need a new paint job? Could the rug or hardwood use a cleaning? Small details will go a long way in bringing that uncomfortable room back to life. Maybe you’d used it as a place for your new cat in the past. New smells, deep cleaning, and an air freshener could be the best way to make changes fast. Instead of using the room as a place to house litter, that old cat carrier, and climbing structures for a kitten, a great way to bring a room back to life is to fill it instead with personal items that mean something more to you.

Maybe your new kitty is now an adult cat. Water bowls, cat beds, catnip, and other accessories can be moved to other rooms. If your cat has the rest of the home to roam in, they might be happier, too.

Consider your end goal.


Once you have your and your cat’s belongings out of the uncomfortable room and have fixed it up with a fresh coat of paint or a new rug, think about how you’ll want to use it. Maybe you’ve always wanted a reading nook or need a place for bookshelves. A home library could be a great way to use that space.

Obviously, how you repurpose your uncomfortable room will depend on your goal. If you hope to prepare for an open house, you’ll want to go about this task differently than if the room is for your own personal needs. For those planning to sell their homes, you’ll want to think about natural light, paint colors, and making the room as attractive to potential homebuyers as possible. If this is the case, less is more. Instead of packing that room back up with personal items, save those for your storage unit and bring back only essentials to allow buyers to see the room’s potential.

Find inspiration everywhere.


Whether repurposing that old cranny into a new space for homebuyers or personal reasons, there are no real wrong answers in making an uncomfortable room usable and fresh. Take time to do your research. Look at blogs, vlogs, and Pinterest for inspirational design tips and more.

In the end, turning that uncomfortable room into something entirely new again will be an awesome decision that will pay off for you in one way or another. Whether increasing your home’s value, allowing you to spend more time with your pet or giving you a new place to escape to, fixing up that uncomfortable spot will be worth it.

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