How to Take Your Game Company to the Next Level

The gaming industry has grown exponentially over the last few decades. Creativity and innovation have commanded the industry and brought on accomplishments and possibilities that couldn’t have even been imagined in the past. If you’re looking to start your own gaming company, you’ll need the right tools to stand out in a sea of developers and producers. The following are resources available for you to consider to help your company step up its game.

High performing servers that blow the competition away.

The quality of the dedicated server on which you decide to host your games is crucial to gaining and retaining users. Gamers won’t want to stick around for long if gameplay consistently lags and servers often crash or glitch. OVH game server hosting prioritizes data security and a high-quality gaming experience when you host your video games with their custom dedicated game servers. Especially with online gaming, a powerful game server is necessary for smooth gameplay, mods, and multiplayer game options.



OVH is a leading server administrator in the gaming industry. Their game servers are highly secure and offer custom features for customers. As a game client, you can create a custom dedicated server with OVH that is a better alternative to other server administrators that don’t let you tailor your own server to the needs of your company, console, mods, and gamers. Their dedicated server range offers IPv4 addresses, and you can rent additional addresses for your game server — up to 256 IP addresses per console — while still maintaining high speeds and DDoS protection. OVH’s data security features protect your game servers from DDoS attacks, and these features are available within all of their dedicated servers. Their DDoS protection is the most powerful and effective protection available in the gaming industry. If your game server does experience a DDoS attack, OVH’s dedicated server protection features prevent any sort of downtime for the game or gamers.

Keep your employees as connected as your players.

Working within the gaming industry means you’re familiar with the dependencies that are involved. Successful game development and a smooth game launch are highly dependent upon effective collaboration within your company. OKRs have become a common means for goal-setting and achievement, especially for companies whose team members are currently working from home due to COVID-19. Workboard offers business OKR tools that inspire and motivate employees to meet and exceed company objectives.


The OKR framework provides your team members with clarity in regards to your business goals. Workboard OKR makes it simple for your team members to align their individual goals with both any particular company strategy as well as your company’s mission. Using an OKR from Workboard means focusing on measurable results and outcomes in the goal management process. Workboard offers transparency and visibility to your team members with the goal-setting framework within their OKR system. Successful companies prioritize employee engagement when it comes to setting team goals as well as setting ambitious goals on a company level.


Workboard’s OKR system makes your team’s functions, annual goals, and milestones their top priority. Your company’s ambitious goals are easily achievable when you set goals with Workboard’s OKR framework. Workboard makes the setup process for your OKR integrations quick and simple. They provide key performance indicators to help your team focus on achieving measurable results and outcomes. Your company OKR is Workboard’s commitment, that’s why their software offers real-time updates and performance reviews, to encourage the best performance possible from your team. The software and OKR system also offer high output management features that can help your team achieve their annual plans and end of the quarter bottom line.

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