Law Firm Marketing Strategy Guide for 2019

Like most businesses, law firms depend on consistent lead generation. However, lawyers may not benefit from the same marketing strategies as other business owners. Through your marketing, you need to position yourself as a trusted industry leader and commit to client retention. And doing so is all about your website, content, and social media.

This guide will break down the latest best practices for attorney marketing. By updating your marketing practices at least annually, you can boost your lead generation for the coming year.

Optimizing Your Website

When going over your marketing strategy, your website is a great place to start. Each potential client comes to your website for a reason, so you need to make it easy for them to find the information they need. Be sure that your brand messaging is consistent across the site, your contact information is on the homepage, and your menu is clearly organized. Place clear calls to action on each page, leading visitors to your contact page.

You should also go over your SEO strategy, ensuring that you’re using relevant keywords throughout. User experience is also key. It’s important to check statistics such as load time, because shorter load times can keep leads on the site. Your website should also be mobile-friendly, because many of your customers will be finding you on their smartphones.

Keeping Up Your Content

In addition to refining the copy on your website, take a look at your blog. It can be onerous for law firms to prioritize blogging, but this content is essential to your marketing strategy. Most site visitors are visiting your site looking for specific information. For example, they may want to know how to receive compensation after a medical malpractice incident. So, if your firm has medical malpractice lawyers, your blog can give them some basic guidance and encourage them to contact you to start a case. If you can’t manage your blog in-house, consider hiring a content marketing company or a professional writer to do so.

Building a Social Strategy

Social media can be tricky for law firms. Because you may handle sensitive cases, you may want to avoid getting too specific. However, there are some ways you can use your social pages to inform and direct. You can highlight recent blog posts with relevant information on channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These social pages are also a great place to highlight positive reviews from clients or any recent media features. You can stay active on LinkedIn by sharing thought pieces by your firm’s partners. If your firm is active in your community through volunteering or attending events, be sure to share pictures.

Taking Your Message Offline

While the past decade has been all about the rise of social media and SEO, it’s still important to refine your offline messaging as well. Radio and television commercials, billboards, and sports sponsorships are classic and effective ways to get your name out. You can also attend local and regional networking events relating to your niche. Offline marketing can make your messaging more personal, especially for those in older generations. To figure out how many of your referrals are coming from online versus offline channels, ask clients how they found out about you once they start working with you.

As marketing best practices consistently change, it can be tricky to keep up with best practices. However, by assessing your methods throughout the year, you can make essential changes. Just be sure to keep track of your analytics, noting what works. Whether you manage your marketing in house or hire a company, this data will guide your strategy over time.

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