The 5 Best Chrome Extensions You Should Be Using

Chrome is a fast, user-intuitive browser full of extensions and essential features. Chrome’s web store boasts a large library of extensions and add-ons to make daily use even better. From extensions to boost productivity, deal finders for online shopping, and creative inspirations, there is an extension for every user’s needs.

Browser extensions are small bits of software known as plug ins. They filter and control how a user visits a webpage or receives information. Extensions typically add features and functionalities to a website, but they can also remove unwanted features and functionalities. Essentially, they create a better user experience by allowing users to tailor Chrome functionality to meet individual needs and preferences. Take a look at the five best Chrome extensions you should be using.

Evernote web clipper

Evernote Web Clipper can clip web pages, blocks of text, or bookmark pages to be read later. Users can save an entire article either as is or simplified, an entire page, a screenshot, or a bookmark. Users can designate which notebook to clip to and add notes or tags. Using separate notebooks is a great way to do research for projects, then share later via email or create a URL.


LastPass securely keeps passwords in one place and automatically logs into accounts. Instead of the user creating a strong password for every account, LastPass tackles this task. The extension stores passwords locally in an encrypted vault, and then automatically fills in credentials on each site. All the user has to do is remember a single master password. Simply install the extension to Chrome, and it will ask at each page login whether or not to save the password. Best of all, this extension links across all devices.

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The Great Suspender

Too many open tabs can lead to a slowed down browser. The Great Suspender works by suspending dormant tabs to free up RAM and improve performance. This intelligent extension allows users to whitelist URLs and domains that shouldn’t be suspended, such as email. It also ensures that tabs playing media or displaying forms are not suspended so that no information is lost.

Tab Wrangler

Tab Wrangler closes inactive tabs that have been opened for a certain amount of time. It allows users to lock or pin tabs that should stay open or easily find tabs that have been closed. Closed tabs are saved in a ‘corral’ and can be reopened with a click. Tabs are closed after a default amount of time has passed, but users can change how long unused tabs can stay open. This extension is great for users who hoard tabs by getting rid of clutter and allowing for more efficient web browsing.


Honey finds coupons for products on any website and automatically applies discounts. It reviews what items are in a cart on popular shopping websites, finds working codes, and applies them at checkout. On Amazon, this extension finds the cheapest seller of a particular product and monitors price drops. Honey is only available on a desktop web browser, as there is no mobile app at this time.

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