Tips for Preventing COVID-19 From Ruining Your Sex Life

In March 2020, 75 percent of Americans were under restrictions to limit their interactions with other people. The regulations were intended to prevent the spread of COVID-19, which is a contagious respiratory disease that can cause vomiting, diarrhea, confusion and difficulty breathing. Many state governments ordered businesses to shut down or enact remote work protocols to prevent staff from coming into a centralized workplace and to ensure social distancing guidelines could be upheld. Bars and restaurants also closed, which made it difficult to date or to meet potential sexual partners.

Experts recommended that people avoid casual sex with people they have just met to prevent the potential transmission of COVID-19. This has impacted individuals who prefer short-term, casual relationships, or who rely on one-night stands to meet their sexual needs.

Couples in long-term relationships have also been affected. They may have concerns about intimacy if one of them is still working outside the home. Fortunately, whether you are single or in a long-term relationship, you can implement some different strategies for finding intimacy, even while under quarantine.

Individual Masturbation

Masturbation refers to sexually stimulating yourself, by yourself. You can opt to use visual aids or your imagination to help with the process. The alleged adverse effects of masturbation are myths. People who masturbate actually benefit physically and psychologically. Masturbation can relieve tension and even ease menstrual cramps.

Masturbating Together

Although masturbation is typically viewed as an individual providing themselves with sexual stimulation on their own, couples can masturbate together. This can be an informative experience that educates your partner about your sexual desires and preferences. You can enjoy the benefits of sexual intimacy without the risk of physical contact and also opt to watch porn videos to enhance the experience.

Internet Sex

COVID-19 restrictions may significantly impact the sex lives of individuals who are not in a relationship and prefer casual sexual encounters. If you are looking for external stimulation you can use VideoChatSex to connect with a sexual partner who can provide audible and visual stimulation. Their privacy policy also ensures your encounters will remain private.

Phone Sex

Couples who are quarantined separately can opt to have phone sex. Phone sex involves describing sexual acts you would like to perform on your partner or that you would like your partner to perform on you. This can be a way of fostering communication about your sexual needs and desires while providing you with sexual release.

Video Sex

Couples who are separated during the COVID-19 crisis can opt to engage in video sex together via video chat platforms, such as Skype. This can incorporate phone sex techniques with masturbation for your sexual gratification. You can also opt to record your video sex so that you can replay it when your partner is working.

Tantric Sex

Tantric sex has a spiritual component, as well as a physical one. It is a philosophical approach to sex that can be used to enhance orgasms and build intimacy between partners. People who use tantric sex techniques develop a better understanding of their bodies and their sexual preferences. You can incorporate tantric sex techniques with masturbation, phone sex, and video sex to improve your sexual experiences.

Nonsexual Touching

It is important to maintain physical contact with your partner without the expectation of sex at that moment. Nonsexual touch has been proven to provide physical health benefits. It can lower a person’s blood pressure. It can also help decrease their stress levels. Couples who engage in nonsexual touching foster both trust and intimacy, which benefits their relationship when they do engage in sex.

Lose Your Inhibitions

Some couples are isolated in their own homes together. Couples who have been together during the lockdown and have limited contact with people outside their homes can engage in sexual intercourse. Lockdown provides these couples with an opportunity to change their routines and have sex at different times of the day. Unscheduled sexual encounters can be meaningful and exciting. You may also opt to incorporate some role-playing into your sexual routine to provide fresh stimulation.

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