Vacation Ideas for Every Type of Traveler

Travel brochures often try to entice people with glossy pictures of similar activities and settings. These images convey some common vacation ideas, but there are many other things to do that you won’t always see in the tourism brochures. There are different ways to vacation. Understanding why you’re traveling can help you identify your ideal activities during your holiday.

Travel For The Drama

Head to London and buy West End tickets to take in live theater. People have been attending live theater productions in England since the 1500s and the oldest theater still in use, Theatre Royal Drury Lane, has been operating since 1660. Those who want to see a performance but aren’t traveling to Europe can plan a trip to see a Broadway show in New York City. 

Travel For Action

Some people like to keep busy, even on vacation. Those who love water sports may opt to visit some of the best scuba diving spots in the world or head to Hawaii to go surfing. You may opt for white water rafting if you prefer to be on the water. Other options include kayaking down lazy rivers. Adventure-seekers can opt to try everything from ziplining over the rainforests in Costa Rica or hike up an active volcano in Europe, the U.S. or Asia.

Travel For Culture

Want to experience the tradition of having high tea but can’t afford a trip to England? The city of Victoria, Canada, has some renowned teahouses to enjoy. There are many other customs and traditions you can participate in as a tourist. It’s popular to visit countries such as Thailand and stay with a family. You’ll have a chance to try authentic homemade Thai cuisine and can learn about rice farming and silk production.  

Travel To Observe

Your idea of a relaxing vacation may be to watch others engage in activities. Sports traveling is a very popular activity for sports fans. Whether you prefer football, baseball, hockey or figure skating, there are hundreds of events to choose from each year. You can also indulge in sports betting and win back some of the cash you spend on your trip. 

Travel For History

Many historic sites around the globe draw thousands of visitors annually. You can stroll through Venice, visit the art museums and see buildings dating back to the 13th Century. Visit a Roman Colosseums in Italy or Tunisia to walk where gladiators once did. Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa offer historic cities and ruins stretching back thousands of years. You have plenty to choose from if your idea of a great vacation is taking in some ancient sites.

Travel For Relaxation

Not everyone wants a full itinerary to occupy them during their vacation. You may prefer the idea of catching up on your sleep and taking it easy. One option is to relax by a pool. Beaches are great destinations for listing to the waves and soaking up a bit of sun. You can also indulge in a spa vacation. Get a massage, slip into a hot tub or steam away from the toxins in a sauna. Need to unplug? There are resorts that specialize in a digital detox and offer a range of health-centered activities, such as meditation and yoga.

Travel For The Tradition

You may opt to continue some family vacation traditions. Perhaps there’s a family cottage you can head to where you can get away from it all. Did your family opt to go camping, take an annual cruise, or visit a bed and breakfast vacation at a popular destination like Myrtle Beach? Revisiting places you enjoyed vacationing at as a child can be a good way to relax because you associate the destination with positive memories.

Travel To Play 

From Canada’s Wonderland to Disneyland, there are many other amusement parks around the globe that offer breathtaking rides, fun games, and concerts. You may have a passion for a sport like mini-golf, and want to play at elite courses. Whatever you do on your holiday should be something you enjoy, and whether you want to reconnect with your inner child or indulge in a hobby, taking time to play can be a great way to recharge on your vacation.

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