What’s the Best Time of Year to Sell a Home?

Selling a home after investing time and money into it is an important decision to make. Crucial aspects of the home selling process include the time chosen to list a house on the market, what offer to accept, and when to take it.

Homeowners who question the best time to sell their home can find their answer by observing housing market trends and data. In California, for example, the real estate market is quite competitive. It would behoove Californian homeowners to get an idea of how their local real estate market operates. More people are moving to Sacramento, as they find it more affordable than Los Angeles and the Bay Area. Listing a property during the same time of year that usually generates successful deals in the area can be an effective home selling tactic.

Additionally, homeowners should keep in mind that the absolute best time for selling a house and moving to a new one may be subjective and dependent on their circumstances. For instance, homeowners with children in school may want to move to a new home during the summer, after the school session ends and before the next one begins. When deciding when to sell a home, homeowners need to consider their finances, as well. How soon do they need the money they will receive in a sale? Will some or all of that money need to be used to purchase their new house?

Homeowners in California looking for a quick home selling process may wonder: How can I sell my house fast in Sacramento? The answer is to sell the home to Sell Quick California, who buys homes as-is without charging homeowners any unnecessary fees. This expeditious method of home-selling prevents a house from staying on the market for weeks or months and results in an immediate cash offer for homeowners and eliminates. Homes can be sold this way at any time of the year.

When is the housing market most active?

As flowers grow in the spring, so does the number of houses on the market. Trends show that the real estate market is its busiest during the spring months, which can be a good and bad thing. So many homes on the market at once can create serious competition. While the likelihood of someone buying a home may increase in the spring, there is no guarantee that it will be your home, as there are many other options available to buyers. Likewise, some buyers may be unable to purchase the home they truly want. With so many people trying to buy homes in the same time frame, numerous offers could be put on the same house, creating competition between buyers.

One spring day, on which sellers may be more open and receptive to offers is Easter Sunday. Easter is usually as early as March 22 or as late as April 25. Closing a deal on a home during this time frame, especially on Easter Sunday, can be efficient and easy to secure because the competition that day is unlikely.

Another holiday that may be the best day to buy a home is Christmas. On Christmas Day, few to no buyers are looking at homes to purchase. The market is not nearly as full and active in December compared to spring months, so there is less competition for buyers. Buyers can benefit from compiling a list of homes to place purchase offers on as Christmas approaches. Homeowners who initially put their properties up for sale in the summer or fall may be more willing to negotiate a deal for their home, even if they have to accept a price lower than what they originally wanted. Buying a house during the holidays is easy to do for someone who is not using a real estate agent, as some agents may not be willing to work on Christmas.

Selling a home at any time of year is easy to do without a real estate agent in California, thanks to Sell Quick California. Homeowners should aim for selling their homes and buying new ones not only at a time when the market looks its best but at a time that is in their family’s best personal interest. When the sale and move are complete, homeowners can then focus their attention on making the best home design inspiration and ideas come into fruition in their new home.

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