Why is the energy rating label important?

Energy is all around you. It powers everything you do—from keeping your car running to turning the lights on in your home or keeping you warm during the winter. And while energy is incredibly necessary, spending a huge amount on your energy costs isn’t. There are plenty of ways to save money on your energy costs. It just takes a little research and investigation on how it all works and what you’re getting yourself into.

It’s understandable that you may not fully know everything about where your energy comes from and how it powers your home. This is where energy companies strive to get you more information so you can make an informed decision. One of these tools is the energy rating label. Essentially, this label tells you as the consumer what the energy performance and cost of that appliance or product will be. Knowing the energy rating label allows you to compare that energy source when you understand the cost and efficiency of the product. This can be beneficial for so many reasons. Here are just a few reasons why this label is so important.

1. The rating holds companies accountable.

When a company is required to show upfront what their products will cost to run, they are being held accountable for the quality of the products they are manufacturing. It’s harder for electricity providers to skimp on first choice power. They are now required to give you the best electricity supply because they have to put their quality right on the label. Overall, this just gives you more information. You can read about every area of the country to understand the power plants and electric rates from region to region to make sure your electric market is strong and has reliable customer service.

2. It creates competition in energy efficiency.

When you are asked to put your direct energy numbers next to other companies, it creates competition within the market. Retail electricity providers want to attract your business, so they will give you the best price or a great rate to entice you to use their electric utility. The goal is to provide sustainable energy while being the cheapest electricity in Northern Ireland, or wherever you’re located. You can directly compare prices and energy rating labels to find the best deal for you. It makes companies work even harder to provide a great product so you will invest in them as an electric company rather than the competition.

3. The rating provides consumers with clear and honest information.

Being an educated consumer can be difficult sometimes because the information you are looking for about products may not be readily available. Mandating energy rating labels will ensure that consumers have easy access to the information you are looking for when researching what appliance works for your home. The more you know and understand, the better decision you can make for your power.

4. Energy ratings create fairness in marketing.

While companies are often well-versed in how to market a product in such a way that conceals the disadvantages and promotes the advantages, the energy rating label will make the truth of the energy performance clear. With a clear label, there is less chance you’ll be hoodwinked or made to only see the positives and not the flaws. It helps keep companies on a more even playing field.

5. Ratings encourage investment in renewable energy.

When you’re energy prices go up, you start to look for ways to lower them. So do energy providers. When they are required to label how efficient their energy is for the retail price, the goal becomes to increase that efficiency. Sometimes this can encourage electric companies to turn to renewable sources to maintain their business customers. Not only is this helpful for your appliances, but for the planet as well.

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