10 Things You Must Do to Prepare for Old Age

As you age, you may be faced with specific health risks. Diabetes, arthritis, and depression are all common health issues seniors may suffer from. Elderly people may also have to make choices about long-term healthcare and end-of-life arrangements.

You can mitigate some health issues with lifestyle choices. It is also possible to address legal and practical details so that your family will not have to make difficult decisions. You can also prepare to embrace your golden years by creating a legacy or completing items on your bucket list.

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1. Exercise


Exercising regularly helps you retain your muscle mass, mobility, and cognitive abilities. You will also sleep better. Exercise will prevent weight gain, which can help prevent diabetes. Exercising regularly has been proven to extend your lifespan, which means it’s a simple way of extending your life and improving your quality of life as you age.

2. Downsize or Modify


Pass on furniture and personal items to family and friends to prepare for downsizing. Downsizing can help you secure extra funds for your retirement. If you opt to stay in your current home you may want to invest in modifications, such as grab bars to help you sit or stand. You can also replace your bathtub with a walk-in shower to prevent falls.

3. Eat Healthily


You will lose bone density as you age. This can cause osteoporosis. You will be more likely to fall and suffer from injuries as a result. You can prevent bone density loss by ensuring you get enough vitamin D and calcium. Eating fruits and vegetables regularly will help prevent loss of bone density. It will also help prevent diabetes and strengthen your immune system.

4. Stay Socially Active


Depression can be a serious problem for seniors. It is important to maintain your social connections. Visit or host friends and family. Plan special trips with your closest friends while you’re still healthy. If necessary, invest in the services of a personal care aide, who can safely transport you so that you can keep in touch with your friends.

5. Make a Bucket List


Do you remember the things you dreamed about doing when you were young? Perhaps you wanted to visit New York City and see a show on Broadway. Maybe you wanted to go sailing in the Caribbean or see the Grand Canyon. Make a list of the things you would like to do and invest in your dreams.

6. Adjust Your Healthcare


You may need to alter your insurance plan so that you can see an audiologist and optometrist. If you suffer from arthritis or injuries from falls you may want to have coverage for physical therapy. You may also need a home health aide to help you take medication regularly or transport you to medical appointments.

7. Handle Legal Matters


Prepare a will. You may do this yourself or you can have a lawyer draft paperwork for you. You should also talk to a lawyer and next of kin about your medical wishes. You may also wish to prepare a do not resuscitate (DNR) order. Making these decisions yourself can reassure you that your final wishes will be respected.

8. Look After Final Arrangements


Meet with the qualified, compassionate professionals at Heritage Cremation Provider to look after cremation services. Their service includes transporting your body and securing death certificates for your family. You may find it comforting to know your loved ones won’t need to worry about these decisions.

9. Invest in the Future


You can establish a scholarship fund that pays out annually with an investment of $20,000 or more. Your scholarship can support your alma mater or a program that you feel is important. Funds can also be used to purchase books for children or sponsor art programs.

10. Leave a Legacy


You can leave a personal legacy for your family by writing a memoir or creating personalized scrapbooks for each person. You may also want to donate funds for a special item with a memorial plaque at your favorite community park or dog park. If you love books you may also want to leave a memorial fund for your local library.

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