3 Benefits of a Modern Call Center for Your Dentist Office

Dental practices offer high-demand services but still need to find ways to attract new patients and maintain strong relationships with existing ones. Coupled with new in-office practices to address cleanliness and safety due to COVID-19, it’s important that dental brands feel empowered instead of overwhelmed. Since dental offices handle so many moving parts, it’s often easy to struggle with finer details.

That’s where call center technology can help. By streamlining scheduling and patient outreach processes, your practice is better equipped to make on-the-fly adjustments and keep up with patient demand. To understand more about how contact centers empower dental practices, keep reading.

1. Call center technology helps optimize patient scheduling.


These days, call center software functions less like a simple phone bank and more like a tool that can help you align technology and the customer experience. Whether a patient is visiting for an upcoming Invisalign treatment or a routine cleaning, you want to keep treatment times down, moods high, and appointments running smoothly. That all begins with your scheduling coordination. Maintaining a pen-and-paper ledger isn’t the most effective option, and outdated software platforms can’t handle modern integrations.

The contact center as a service technician can. These contact center platforms can integrate with the right CRM programs to facilitate connections between your data centers and your customer interactions. This helps you set appointments, navigate automated follow-up options, and even use tech like interactive voice response (IVR) for inbound appointment inquiries. It’s a smart way to meet modern customer expectations.

2. Contact center software can aid workforce management.

When booked appointments start to dip, it’s easy for morale to do the same. Often, this isn’t something you can brush off. You need to be able to identify the problems and rectify them. Sometimes, this has to do with your marketing efforts. Other times, it’s a direct reflection of the customer experience you provide. This comes down to your employees. With the right contact center technology, you can address quality management, review call statistics, and look over social media live chats to see if a particular employee struggles with booking appointments or if you’re facing any significant customer experience hurdles. That way, you can develop a custom treatment plan to address these workforce management issues.

3. Contact center platforms help you review customer data.


Especially in the United States, healthcare markets tend to be competitive. That’s why so many brands depend on customer data to make larger business decisions. However, if you’re manually collecting, filtering, and ordering this data, you might not get the right impressions of what it can tell you. With contact center tech, you can see the routes customer data takes and trust in the digital collection process’s reliability. When you incorporate the right integrations, too, your scalability is limited only by your scope. Customer data can also aid with intelligent routing, daily workflows, and customer service on the whole.

It’s easy to forget about exceptional customer experiences between recommending braces or Invisalign and addressing a patient’s overbite. If you want to improve your overall customer satisfaction, no matter the case complexity, it’s in your best interest to invest in an inbound and outbound call center model that steers you towards success. Most, if not all, dental practices can benefit from an outbound call center upgrade. Plus, when you factor in Salesforce, Zendesk, and other application integrations, you’re able to unlock new features and capabilities that further enhance your contact center service.

When you struggle to keep up with phone calls and emails, it can reflect poorly on your practice. Whether you focus on orthodontics or malocclusion cases, a cloud call center can empower your current success and help set you up for ongoing growth.

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