3 Great Ways To Update Your Look

Everyone knows that the way you look can affect the way you feel in a significant way, so if your self-confidence needs a boost and you’re not feeling like yourself, it might be time to change up your look. What that means can vary from person to person since not everyone has the same negative triggers or insecurities. Your priority should be identifying things around you that make you feel bad or that inspire negative self-talk and replacing them with things that promote a healthier way of thinking and improved self-worth. You don’t have to break the bank to treat yourself a little bit and give your style a refresh. If you’re ready to make a change, read on for three great ways you can update your look.

1. Try secondhand shopping.


One easy way to get a new perspective on fashion and style is to check out your local vintage store or consignment shop instead of hitting the mall next time you’re looking to get some new clothes or accessories. Not only will you find styles that you might not find at traditional stores, but you can also save money and get great deals on high-quality clothes. Some secondhand shops even sell furniture and home decor, so you can update your space at home, too, if you’re interested. Our environments can have a lot to do with how we feel and it’s never a bad idea to make sure that the environment you put yourself in provides you with positive energy and that makes you feel happy and comfortable.

2. Get rid of anything that makes you feel bad.


Negative energy inspires negative thoughts, and that affects your self-esteem and your mental health in real, meaningful ways. That means anything from a sweater that reminds you of your ex to tattoo removal for some ink you now regret. Sit down and take inventory of your space, from the home décor in your room to the clothes you wear, and try to evaluate how each item makes you feel. If it doesn’t inspire any kind of good feeling, and especially if it makes you feel a lack of self-confidence or inspires negativity, don’t feel bad about discarding it and removing it from your life.

While bigger choices like removing a tattoo can seem overwhelming, the reality is that if something inspires bad feelings every time you see it, your mood and mental health will likely be much better off if you just bite the bullet and have it removed completely. Laser tattoo removal may even be more affordable than you think. Once you have a fresh canvas, you can even head back to your favorite tattoo artist after it heals and get something that inspires you in a more positive way.

3. Change up your hair.


Your hair is one of the best places to switch things up, especially if you’re nervous about regretting it later since hair always grows back eventually. You’d be surprised how much the psychological effect of making a change can help with boosting your self confidence, in addition to making you feel both mentally and physically lighter. There’s a reason so many people get a new haircut to celebrate an achievement, prepare for a new job, or feel better after a traumatic experience. If you’re feeling daring, you can step outside your comfort zone and try a new color or a different cut than you’re used to. You might just find that it makes you feel even better about yourself.

We have more than enough evidence to support the idea that your perception of the way you look can change your attitude about yourself and improve self-esteem. One way to help change your self-image and provide inspiration for the future is to change up your look and get rid of anything surrounding you that triggers negative thoughts or makes you feel a lack of confidence. Removing those things from your environment entirely is the best way to promote positive and happy energy within your space. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut or overwhelmed by negativity, try treating yourself to a new look so your reflection in the mirror is one that represents you as a person and makes you feel good about who you are.

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