3 Tips for Managing Mining Equipment

Mining is a highly profitable activity for companies involved, as it makes precious and rare minerals available for use. This industry relies heavily on technology and equipment to function effectively, facilitating the easier excavation of minerals.

As such, mining companies need to prioritize proper management of their equipment for various reasons. Well-managed and maintained equipment improves efficiency and productivity in the mines, reduces downtime due to breakdowns, and boosts miners’ safety. Below are three specific tips for managing equipment in the mining industry.

Contract Maintenance Support


It’s no secret that proper equipment maintenance is essential to the mining process. Maintenance costs for mining equipment are high because these types of equipment are costly and complicated. For this reason, mining companies greatly prioritize proper maintenance of their equipment by outsourcing these tasks to experts. These experts provide contract maintenance services for a fee, ensuring that any mining equipment used on-site is well maintained and safe for use. This way, many mining companies can save on maintenance in the long run, reduce operating costs, and suffer less downtime due to equipment breakdown. Many mining organizations use contract maintenance support in their operations. Reputable mining companies such as Alamos Gold are examples of such businesses.

Alamos Gold is a Canadian-based intermediate gold producer with diversified production from three North American operating mine sites. These mines are the Island Gold Mines and the Young Davidson mines near Kirkland Lake, all in Northern Ontario. Alamos’ third mine, the Mulatos, is based in Mexico. Alamos Gold Inc’s Chief Executive Officer, John. A. McCluskey remains committed to upholding sustainability standards in their mining operations. As such, the company budgets for several development activities in the operating mines’ host communities, while also pre-paying for reforestation. This is to replenish vegetation destroyed due to their mining activities. What’s more, Alamos employees also uphold their core values of teamwork, safety, sustainability, integrity, and commitment to creating beneficial legacies for all stakeholders.

Track Inventory

It’s also vital to track your inventory as a mining business, ensuring that no equipment is misplaced or misused. Loaders, diggers, trucks, drills, and excavators necessary to mining activities must all be judiciously monitored by mine site managers. However, simultaneously tracking all this equipment is challenging due to their number and the engaging nature of mining activities. Reliable equipment management software such as CHEQROOM can help with this need.

CHEQROOM is a revolutionary asset management solution that helps companies track all assets central to their operations. You can use CHEQROOM to register, track, and manage equipment anywhere in real-time. This asset management solution allows for calendar integration, so you can sync it with your calendar app for seamless equipment scheduling. You can also monitor the real-time status of any equipment in the office or on the go, to ensure timely maintenance. What’s more, equipment reservations have more accountability due to electronic signatures required during check-ins and check-outs.

In-house Maintenance Practices

In between professional maintenance work conducted by experts, mining businesses’ employees can do a lot to manage company equipment. Since the mining process is associated with mud and dirt, your equipment must be kept clean always to reduce the frequency of breakdowns. Also, you must adequately lubricate your equipment to prevent heavy stress that makes them more prone to damage. Additionally, any minor wear and tear issues should be addressed promptly, and employees should be trained in good maintenance practices and safety standards for equipment operation.

To conclude, mining equipment is undoubtedly crucial to mining companies’ operations. By tracking inventory, using contract maintenance support, and building robust and efficient in-house practices, mining companies can ensure durability and effectiveness in the use of their equipment for the best results.

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