9 Creative Ways to Preserve Memories

We all know those cheesy quotes…

”You’ll never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory“ by Dr. Seuss or ”Life isn’t about the number of breaths you take, but those number of moments that take your breath away.”

What a beautiful way to look at life—as a collection of special moments that are meant to be cherished. The best way to cherish memories forever is to find great ways to preserve them. Let’s go over some ways to creatively remember these special memories.

Go Old School

One of the best ways to preserve memories is to write about them as they’re happening. Keeping a journal or a diary may seem old school in our modern society, but writing your feelings has a great impact. Beyond just remembering events, you get to remember your feelings and the little details that a picture may not capture.


Online Resources

If old school isn’t your style, you can turn to online resources. One of the greatest ways to remember the good time you had on vacation or big moments of life is through pictures. Whether you’re capturing moments on your phone or a digital camera, make sure they are saved on a digital device. External hard drives and digital platforms are great places to save your pictures and preserve those memories.

Social Media

Digital photo storage can seem confusing and overwhelming for some. This is where social media has turned into a tremendous tool. By sharing stories, photos, and videos on Facebook, Instagram, etc., you are creating a digital scrapbook to look back on in the future. Not only are you collecting likes, but you’re also documenting important moments.


Preserve Life

Another great way to preserve memories is to erase worry. The last thing you want to be worried about during memorable moments of life is your life insurance policy. Get a life insurance quote to see how much coverage you are entitled to. Having a guaranteed life insurance payout gives you peace of mind and helps make your memories joyful and carefree. You can search for life insurance with iSelect and find that comfort today.


When you think of memories, you typically think of pictures, but there are many other memories to preserve. Think of old notes from your grandmother or a VHS of your parent’s wedding. Thanks to online resources, you can digitize your memories. Whether it be transferring a VHS to a digital link, or scanning old letters so they’re never forgotten. Uploading these pieces can help you never forget those words and those moments.

Create Art

Beyond just digitizing memories, you can create beautiful art from them. Scrapbooking or making vacation jars are great ideas. Or, for example, think of the beautiful mosaic you could make with the shells you collected from your trip to Hilton Head. Or the shadow box you could design with pictures and programs from your high school musical. The possibilities are endless when you combine your creativity with your memories. Plus, the act of creating a special piece is a new memory in it of itself.


Make Movies

Another way to utilize this creativity is through moviemaking skills. Maybe it’s simply a picture slideshow of your lansing trip set to music. Or maybe you could interview your classmates for a special video for your teacher. Creating movies preserves memories and allows us to honor and share how we feel about the important people in our lives.


We’ve discussed a lot of high tech ways to preserve memories, but sometimes it’s okay to slow down and just share your experiences. When was the last time you asked someone from a generation older than you about their college experience? Or asked your coworker about their favorite memory? These conversations can be incredibly special. Hearing about your parent’s childhood or your best friend’s greatest accomplishment allows you to create those special relationships and remember special moments together.


Live Your Memories

While preserving memories is great, it can be easy to get too caught up in the preservation that you forget to live in the moment. Stay aware of your priorities. After all, if you film the entire concert, did you enjoy it in the moment? Find the balance between taking pictures and living in the moment. The more you stay present with the people and events in your life, the more likely you are to look back on those moments without regret and with true joy.

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