Beauty School or Nursing School? Career Paths to Consider

If you feel unsure about what to do with your life, you aren’t alone.

The first step to finding a career that suits you is to evaluate your personality and interests. Make a list of careers that excite you. If some things on the list seem random or conflicting, they may not be as far apart in the professional field as you thought. 

If you’re in a conundrum of choosing beauty school or nursing school, don’t panic. Looking into a role in aesthetics—such as becoming a professional esthetician, dermatologist, or cosmetic nurse—may be a happy fit. 

Here are some tips for diving into a field that is designed to keep people healthy and beautiful.

First, Learn What You Love

What draws you to aesthetics and cosmetics?

Some cosmetic nurses want to help people be comfier in their skin. They may learn the ins and outs of anti-aging fillers, laser hair removal, acne treatments, or dermabrasion. Most cosmetic nurses prefer non-invasive procedures, where the patient can leave the office and heal quickly. 

As cosmetic procedures continue to revolutionize, the demand for the market is high. Educated cosmetic nurses with a passion for what they do and excellent people skills can expect to earn a lucrative income. 

Even though the DIY beauty industry is booming—from clay masks to bubble baths to eye creams galore—there’s nothing quite like going to see a professional. Now as much as ever, people are seeking improvements and solutions for their unique health concerns. Thankfully, there are ample paths available in the beauty and nursing field. 

Pursue An Education

To learn more about the industry and to become a reputable cosmetic nurse, interested individuals can earn a two-year Registered Nurse (RN) degree or a four-year BSN (Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing) degree. 

Sound confusing? Here is the breakdown: 

An RN degree can be earned through a two-year program and a BSN can be earned in four. Many students decide to earn their RN degree first, to ease into the field, and complete the BSN when they are ready for more advanced and better-paying positions. 

If school sounds overwhelming or out of your scheduling capabilities, some programs offer an online or evening RN-BSN program to help you land your degree in no time.

As we delve deeper into the 21st century, online programs are becoming more common and reputable for non-traditional students. The option of evening classes and online degrees can give a wider demographic the accessibility to attend school.

However you choose to complete your education—when it’s over, you can take an NCLEX-RN exam to obtain your license. 

Get To Know The Equipment

The cosmetic procedure technology industry is rapidly becoming smarter and more user-friendly. 

Whether you work in a doctor’s office or a medspa, you’re sure to come across cosmetic lasers. The equipment doesn’t have to break the bank of your business—companies like Cosmetic Laser Warehouse offer safe and high-quality lasers for affordable prices. The merchandise from such warehouses is priced reasonably because it gets repurposed from institutions that simply go out of business. 

Explore The Field

In the field of cosmetic nursing, some crucial qualities include active listening, empathy, and detail-orientation. You may try a few different categories of aesthetics before you find your niche. Talk to other professionals about what they do and why they do it. Find mentors in the industry and learn their stories. 

You may find you enjoy esthetics over dermatology, collagen fillers over botox. Maybe you’re passionate about beautification procedures, or maybe you’re more interested in understanding rashes and breakouts. 

Wherever the field takes you, give yourself the gift of an open mind. You joined the industry because you are interested in helping others achieve their beauty, and that makes you a star. 

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