Best Easter Gift Ideas for Your Church Pastor

Your pastor is one of the hardest working people in your church community. You might not realize it, but the role of a pastor is all-encompassing. Weekly messages, staff meetings, community outreach, the list of responsibilities goes on and on. The holiday seasons bring on an onslaught of new responsibilities in order to place the proper respect and celebration upon them. Easter, and the Lenten season leading up to it, are particularly high in pastoral duties. If you’re looking to show your appreciation this Easter, here are a few gift ideas that your pastor will love.

Gift of Meditation

As Christians, it’s important to spend time in quiet reflection. In order to rest in the peace of a relational God, you need to nurture that personal connection. Your pastor is no exception. Many pastors will sit in quiet surrender asking God to reveal to them the message their congregation most needs to hear. They pray for the requests of others, read Scripture, and open their hearts to hear God’s voice in a new way.


The Lenten season is a time of both sorrow and great rejoicing. As we reflect on the final days of Christ’s earthly life, we wait with thankful hearts for the third day when he’ll rise again. Your pastor will do the same, and spend extra time focused on Jesus’ ministry. A great gift to give to your church leader is a meditation kit. Fill a basket with journals, devotionals, and their favorite coffee or tea. Go to and pick a pair of reading glasses to add and include a card with encouraging words. Small tokens such as this show a personal consideration for what matters to them the most.

Gift of Provision

A church is at its finest when it’s functioning as a whole. Each member from elders to children’s ministry plays a unique role in doing God’s work. When they come together to support and uplift one another, there’s no stopping the family of God. In order to do this, your church needs proper provision. Remember that what you give is not about pouring money into a building. Tithes and offerings are an opportunity to support the good works of the church as a people. Before you give each week, take the time to see what the provision of your church is going towards. There may be opportunities to give to a particular ministry in the church or to support an important community outreach fund.


When you know the who, what, where, and why of your church’s collection, you’ll find yourself more open to giving. If you give on a regular basis and were hoping for something outside of the box, consider a gift card for the church’s necessities. Give the gift of future provision for church administrators to purchase anything from minister robes to Bibles.

Gift of Time

Perhaps the greatest gift you can give your pastor is the gift of your time. Volunteer on a regular basis, show up for special events and support the church you love. No matter how successful a church may seem on the outside, they’re guaranteed to have an area that needs more help. This goes twofold during busy seasons like Easter! Ask your pastor where your church’s greatest needs are and fill them.

Are you an administrative type? Help with sorting weekly bulletins or entering new guest information. Do you love technology? Support the church’s online presence or create graphics to use for events. Your God-given gifts are meant to be used in a service capacity — what better place to do that than in your church? Whatever you choose to give your pastor this Easter, remember that your longing to give and support them in ministry is the greatest gift they could ever ask for.

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