Companies That Would Benefit From Noise Reduction Panels

Loud noises in any workplace are a major safety concern. It’s not just about volume control either. Implementing noise control systems is all about ensuring that your employees can complete their tasks without suffering from damaging levels of noise or distracting sounds at work. To be clear, pretty much any business—industrial or not—that involves a loud setting could benefit from having less noise in general. From warehouses and marine docks to restaurants and pet adoption centers, soundproofing is essential to a safe and comfortable work environment. Below, you’ll learn all about companies that would benefit from noise reduction.



That’s right, warehouses are indeed notorious for being dusty, dirty, but most of all, noisy. That’s why it’s important to have noise reduction panels on top of having proper partitions installed. When it comes to soundproofing your warehouse, acoustic panels or acoustic foams can solve the safety concerns of damaging noise levels. The panels from Singer Safety are excellent at noise reduction and sound absorption. Plus, they’re made of lightweight material that is flexible. With acoustic panels, you can say goodbye to excessive industrial noise and guarantee a safe and comfortable working environment for your employees. They’re an effective way to target sound transmission and reduce the amount of sound in the building overall.

Marine Docks

This is a business that tends to be known for the lack of space and the excessive amount of noise. There are several ways to combat the latter with a noise control system. Marine dock owners can implement acoustic screens, ceiling baffles, or even quilted panels from Singer Safety. Acoustic screens isolate noise from nearby employees, especially on docks. Meanwhile, ceiling baffles absorb noise that tends to bounce off of docks. Quilted panels help with canceling out any unwanted noise when it’s used in addition to baffles and screens.



Believe it or not, restaurants could also benefit from noise control. For starters, acoustic foams can be used to dampen any excess sound. Using this foam-based insulation is best for mid- to high-frequency noise and results in a quieter environment overall. They can easily be attached to doors, ceilings, and even walls to reduce vibration and echo. This is because the foam absorbs the noise rather than bounces it off into the room. In fact, people even use acoustic foams for schools, gyms, and home theaters. In some ways, it enhances the sound quality of a room, which is why restaurants could greatly benefit from using them.

Pet Adoption Centers

If you’ve ever been to an adoption center, you’ve likely heard dogs barking in there. Some of them tend to hear noise from outside and are quick to react. That’s why it could greatly benefit from noise reduction. With acoustic panels, the public-facing areas of the adoption center won’t have to be subjected to distractions. Having a noise system in between the kennels could also help animals feel safer and less overstimulated by the sounds they’ll hear throughout the adoption center. Panels can help create quieter walls and ceilings. So, there’s no reason as to why they won’t be of help to a loud adoption center.

Dampening noise is a great way to ensure the longevity of your workforce and your business. The experts at Singer Safety can help you navigate which products are best for the environment you work in and provide solutions to your noise problems. Loud noises aren’t just distracting but they can also have long-term damaging effects. So, it’s important to assess whether your industrial or commercial work environment could benefit from using foams, panels, or sound stoppers. Ensure workplace safety and consider contacting Singer for noise-canceling systems today.

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