Fashionable Holiday Gifts For People Who Love Pets

Numbers show about 68 million individuals own dogs and 73 million own cats in the United States. Most households with dogs have just one, while 51 percent of cat households have two or more cats. That might explain why three in ten U.S. households are cat families, compared to the four in ten U.S. households who are dog families. Less than 20 percent of families have both a cat and dog, according to a poll from 2006. When taken together, those numbers mean that you’ll no doubt be shopping for some pet-lovers this holiday season. Clothes are always a popular gift, so it makes sense to consider getting them pet-related items that they can wear. Here are three ideas for fashionable holiday gifts for the dog mom or cat dad in your life.

Animal Leggings

Dogs need exercise, and that means your friends with dogs need some comfortable clothing for those walks. Let’s face it: Most of us look at the dog when we see someone walking a dog. Dogs are good, and we love them for a reason. But if you know a dog-walker who likes wearing clothes that get attention, consider leggings that represent their favorite breed. Get Poodle leggings for your old roommate patterned with a chocolate poodle who is always happy to see you. Get Yorkie leggings for the cousin with the yappy Yorkie who won’t stop barking, but still manages to charm everyone he meets.

Leggings move with your body and they are flattering for a lot of different body types. You can wear leggings for everything from taking a walk to running errands. We live in an increasingly casual culture when it comes to how we dress. So your friends and loved ones shouldn’t worry that pet-related leggings are too casual. Unless they’re going to a fancy gala or dinner, then leggings should be fine for just about anything. Buy dog leggings for the person who loves their dog and loves being comfortable.

A T-Shirt Starring Their Pet

Breed-related apparel is great, but maybe you have a friend who brings up their pet every chance they get. In that case, ask them to send you a photo of their pet. But don’t say what it’s for. You shouldn’t have to, as most pet owners will send plenty of dog and cat snaps, unsolicited.

Take that picture and print it on the front of a T-shirt that you give to your friend during the holiday season. You can order the shirt online or head to a local screen printing shop. We all wear clothes that make us feel happy, and what could be happier than looking down and seeing a photo of Fluffy or Fido staring back at you? It doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of an online learning self-assessment or waiting in line at the post office, such little pick-me-ups can go a long way.

This is a great gift for men or women. In this decade, male celebrities with dogs are considered both stylish and adorable. But you don’t have to be friends with celebrities to do this. It works for anyone who loves their pet.

Clothes for Dogs

Dogs are pleasant creatures that will do anything to make you happy, which is why you stand a better chance of dressing them up for Halloween or Christmas than you do a cat. A cat is more likely to claw you and hide under the bed, although you’re free to try it if you’re feeling brave.

Fashionable people also like their dogs to look stylish. If your pal has mentioned they have an older dog who gets cold in winter, then it’s time to buy them a stylish winter jacket. Even if they don’t get cold, you know that your friend’s dachshund would look great dressed as a hot dog. If you aren’t sure that your friend needs something new to wear, then there’s a good chance their dog does instead.

Buying gifts can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. When it comes to the pet lovers in your life, use this guide to help you get them something they are bound to love.

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