How To Host the Perfect Non-Profit Fundraiser

Fundraising events are powerful tools for charities and nonprofit organizations. Attending a live event allows attendees and patrons to feel connected to the causes they support and believe in. The challenge for you as the host of a charity event is getting people to come and maximize the number of funds you raise. The key to fundraising success is properly planning your event far enough in advance. Here are some things you can do to ensure it goes as well as possible.

Define your cause.


Creating your promotional strategy and logistics plan starts by defining the reason for your event. Come up with a mission statement for your cause, and then decide what type of event to host. Consider the target audience you want to attend, and think about what kind of event would interest them. Whether you throw an intimate gathering with an elegant theme or a light-hearted event with entertainment, make sure your strategy aligns with your cause.

Set a fundraising goal.


The goal of hosting a charity event is to raise as much money as you need. There are many ways you can reach your goals including ticket sales, donations, a live or silent auction, and crowdfunding. A successful charity event will raise awareness for your cause and catapult your networking opportunities. Set a budget for how much you will spend to host the event. This will keep your spending on track and help you get more bang for your buck.

Look for sponsors for your event. Ask local businesses and your registrants if they would like to get involved, and speak to local restaurants about food donations. Show sponsors that you’re offering them a business opportunity that includes advertising and publicity.

Reaching the right audience is the best way to raise money and gain support for your cause. The perfect way to achieve this is to use a fundraising tool that helps you build custom donation pages. Engaging Networks provides a flexible, customizable, innovative software platform for nonprofits.

You can build page templates and donation forms using free templates that feature conditional content, filters, and more. The Engaging Networks platform can either replace advocacy, fundraising, email address, events, and supporter data management systems or integrate with them. With a custom petition at your fingertips, Engaging Networks allows you to effectively reach donors and maximize your fundraising efforts.

Find a venue.


The perfect nonprofit event should be held in a non-traditional venue that adds flair. Shop venues, and look for a space that will give you a discount or even donate the space. Be flexible with the date of your event, as you may be able to get the space for a better price on a different day. Make sure you know all that’s included in the price of the event space to ensure you get the best deal for your money.

Perhaps one of your donors has an outdoor living space that can serve as the venue. Hosting a nonprofit event in an inviting setting with a European-influenced outdoor kitchen would be a memorable experience. Artisan Outdoor Kitchens creates commercial grade stainless steel cabinets and soft close drawers in a variety of styles, colors, and wood grains. Their experienced design team can transform your outdoor space with a custom pergola for your patio, cabinets for your appliances, custom refrigerator doors, and more. The custom outdoor kitchen Colorado company can help take your outdoor entertaining goals to the next level.

Prepare to market.


The success of your event depends on the success of your marketing efforts. Spread the word about your appeal for funds on traditional channels such as mailed invitations and digital channels such as social media, email marketing, and content marketing.

Hosting the perfect nonprofit fundraiser starts with planning. Define your cause and the reason for your event, set a fundraising goal, maximize the ways you can reach it, and find a fitting venue to host and market your event.

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