How To Keep Your Salon Safe for Patrons

In the year 2020, safety has become a much bigger question and priority than ever before. As a global crisis hit, in the form of the Coronavirus pandemic, there began to be all kinds of questions about how companies and businesses could continue operating safely. One such establishment is the beauty industry. Salons and barbershops have taken a hard hit, as haircuts and beauty treatments are seen as luxuries and not essential products. But as the world is slowly returning back to normal, salons are working to find ways to reopen safely and effectively.

The world is continuing to change and adjust and, as a business owner, you need to be prepared to meet those new challenges head-on. You care about your patrons, so you want to show them how much they matter to you. All functions of how you operate will need to be adjusted to give that ultimate peace of mind and extra comfort that things are as safe as possible. During this weird time, customers appreciate companies that show how much they care. You have the opportunity to make a difference while continuing to operate. Here are just a few of the ways you can keep your salon safe for patrons during this pandemic.

Have effective equipment and furniture.

Your salon furniture can make or break the look and feel of the place. The salon or barber chairs you use need to look professional and make patrons feel comfortable and even luxurious. If your furniture is outdated, you may need to look for the best barber chairs for sale to replace them. Old chairs may have residual germs on them that you don’t want to mess with. Plus, you’ll want to utilize barber chairs with a slick material, like a chrome base and an adjustable footrest, that will be easy for you to clean and sanitize between guests. Safety doesn’t have to just be practical, it can be stylish, too. Get great, professional barber chairs from a salon furniture warehouse with easy to clean upholstery and armrests that can work great for you.

Train your staff on general first aid.

Of course, the current situation is creating a need for specialized safety attention, but there are some standards you should always stick to. Be sure your staff is trained relatively well in general first aid and emergency preparedness. Even a basic CPR AED course can prepare your staff to be ready for any scenario. These basic steps are usually required for most business owners to have an AED on sight and know their staff is ready to provide more than just a haircut if called upon to do so.

Use standard hygiene practices.

Ever since COVID-19 hit, there has been a huge emphasis on washing your hands and taking care of your general hygiene. This is especially important if you are working at a salon and touching people’s hair all day. Be ready to constantly sanitize and clean your own equipment and your hands. Even if you’re using your own products and taking extra precautions, it can never hurt to be sure you’re washing your hands and being completely safe.

Change up scheduling to allow for sanitizing.

In this current situation, other people are the biggest threat of contracting the virus. Because of this, you may need to make adjustments for how many people can be in your salon at one time. Rather than filling every chair, you may need to cut back on the number of appointments you can take. Change up your scheduling to guarantee you have time to sanitize everything between patrons and to be sure no one is uncomfortably close during their appointment. Hopefully, this adjustment doesn’t last too long, the world will get back to normal soon, and you’ll be able to have a full barbershop or salon in no time.

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