Why Is My Energy Bill So High?

Have you ever gotten shocked at the amount on your energy bill? Surprising energy bills can happen to anyone, and there are several reasons why your bill may be higher than usual.

Your Appliances are Old


As your appliances get older, they work less efficiently and require a lot more maintenance to keep them running well. Old appliances also take more energy to use when compared to newer machines, which can, in turn, cost you more money on your bill. If you’ve had the same appliances for years, consider upgrading to save money and energy. There are online tools you can use, like websites and apps, to find competitive prices on new machines.

If you can’t afford new appliances, consider how you use your current ones. Fill your dishwasher before you use it, and set your washing machine to use cold water to save money.

You’re Using Electronics Differently


If you’ve recently gotten new appliances or have started using new electronics more often, you may not be used to how much energy they use. When shopping for new electronics, ask a customer service representative or do independent research to find out how much energy different products use so you can choose the best option for you.

If you find yourself with time off from work, you may use the computer more often or watch more TV, thus increasing your bill. Pay attention to your consumption habits so you can note what causes your invoices to be higher.

You’ve Experienced Billing Changes


Double-check your bill to make sure your electric company didn’t make any mistakes on your statement. Your electric providers may have also changed their rates unexpectedly, resulting in a higher electric bill for you. Contact the customer service workers for your retail electricity provider if they charge you incorrectly, or you need to change your electric plan.

If your electricity provider no longer works for you, consider finding a new electric company. There are several different electricity providers you can search for through your zip code with competitive prices for their different electric plans.

You Need to Unplug


Make sure you unplug any electronic devices when you aren’t using them. Even if turned off, electronics and appliances drain energy and can increase your electric bill without you realizing it. Taking the time to unplug dormant electronics is an easy way for homeowners to save money.

Your phone and computer chargers also still use energy when you’re not using them. Apart from unplugging things like lamps and TVs when they’re off, unplug any unused chargers to save money, too.

Your Roof Needs Work


Another reason for a higher energy bill may be because of your roof. Different roofing materials are better at conserving energy than others, and yours may need an upgrade. If insulated correctly, your roof will help control the temperature in your home. Without proper roofing, you may have high energy bills due to increased use of the air conditioner or heater in an attempt to be comfortable.

There are many choices for residential roofing materials. Asphalt shingles are cost-efficient, while slate roofs are environmentally friendly and suitable for warmer areas. No matter your choice of shingle material, replacing an old roof with a more durable one is an excellent way to save on your electric utilities.

Though your energy bills can vary depending on the time of year and which appliances you use, a high billing statement can still come as a shock. If you’re facing a hefty charge, make sure your electric provider billed you correctly. Then, try to find a money-drainer. Little changes like unplugging your devices when they’re unused, using your appliances properly, and monitoring your usage can all contribute to a lower bill next month

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