The Best Gadgets for the Ultimate Backyard Makeover

When conducting the ultimate backyard makeover, you want to ensure you are getting all of the entertaining and living space you desire in the process. There is no point in spending the money on a makeover only to be disappointed with the result because you didn’t include everything you wanted.

Here are some of the best gadgets to include in your backyard makeover to create the ultimate outdoor space.



Getting a projector set up in your backyard will allow you to have outdoor movie nights with family and friends. You can get a permanent setup or an area where you can quickly bring out the projector without having to figure out how to make it work each time. You will need access to electrical for it to work, so having a permanent setup will be helpful when you decide to watch something outdoor at the last minute. You can buy a projector screen and have it mounted in your backyard so that all you have to do is pull it down. If the screen is too much or unrealistic, you can use a white sheet on a flat surface like the back wall of your house or the side of an outdoor structure.

Solar Lights


Solar lights provide direct and ambient outdoor lighting without needing to be set up or plugged in. You don’t need to rely on access to electricity or batteries. The lanterns stay out all day absorbing energy from the sun, and when the sun goes down, they automatically come on. Since they utilize the sun and do not need to be plugged in, solar lights can be placed anywhere, and you can have as many as you need. They also come in a variety of different designs, so you can get lights that match the decor of your backyard.

Outdoor Kitchen


An outdoor kitchen can be tailored to what you will use, so they vary greatly. For example, you can have a grill so you can essentially cook anything outside that would be cooked on the stove. You can build a stone pizza oven so that you can cook delicious wood-fired pizzas in your backyard. You can have a deluxe fire pit built that will allow you to cook over an open fire quickly. Your outdoor kitchen can be designed to use wood, charcoal, propane, or even hook into the house electrical. You can have it in an area of the backyard that is covered to use regardless of inclement weather, and you can have the area heated with an outdoor heater if needed. There are no limits to an outdoor kitchen, so it depends on your budget and what you want.

Fire Bowls


Fire pots are highly decorative and provide heat to your outdoor seating area. They are essentially decorative bowls with gas lines running up through the bottom of them, filled with stone. They can be turned on with a switch, and once on, they look like a bowl of fire. Fire bowls are common around indoor pools and outdoor seating areas. The flames are real, so they produce heat, and you need to be wary of what items are put near them because the fire danger is still there.

Backyards are becoming an extension of the family’s living space, so you want them to be both comfortable and functional to get the most out of the space. Before upgrading your backyard, brainstorm everything you want to use it for and go from there. A construction professional with experience in backyard remodeling jobs can provide ideas and insights into what is practical for the space you are working with.

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